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How Do You Use A Water Filtration Machine In Subnautica

You'll need to collect essential resources like copper ore, silver ore, and titanium to craft the water filtration machine in Subnautica. Make sure you have the necessary materials and access to a fabricator to build the machine. Choose a suitable location for the machine, considering natural formations for protection and proximity to your living quarters. Activate the machine, monitoring energy consumption and oxygen levels for efficiency. Perform routine maintenance tasks to keep the machine running smoothly. As you master the basics, you'll discover more ways to optimize your machine's performance and efficiency.

Key Takeaways

• Gather resources (titanium, copper ore, silver ore) to craft the water filtration machine, ensuring an energy-efficient and upgradeable system.

• Place the machine strategically, considering natural formations for protection, proximity to living quarters, and a dedicated room for optimal performance.

• Activate the machine, monitor energy consumption, and perform routine maintenance tasks, including checking oxygen levels and ensuring a reliable energy source.

• Store purified water in clean, contaminant-free tanks, regularly checking maintenance status and choosing accessible storage methods based on needs.

• Regularly troubleshoot and maintain the machine by rebooting, clearing blockages, ensuring a stable power supply, and cleaning filters to optimize efficiency and lifespan.

Gathering Resources for the Machine

You'll need to explore the seafloor for resources, including copper ore, silver ore, and other essential materials to craft the water filtration machine.

As you set out on this ocean expedition, you'll quickly realize that resource scarcity is a challenging reality in Subnautica. The ocean floor is vast, and finding what you need can be a demanding task. However, with persistence and a keen eye, you'll uncover the necessary resources to move forward.

As you investigate the ocean's depths, keep an eye out for copper ore deposits, often found in rocky outcroppings or hidden within underwater caverns. Silver ore, on the other hand, tends to be scattered across the seafloor, requiring careful navigation to collect.

Don't forget to gather other essential materials, like titanium and other precious resources, to make sure you have everything needed for the water filtration machine.

Crafting the Water Filtration Machine

Now that you've gathered all the necessary resources, it's time to craft the water filtration machine by accessing your fabricator and selecting the machine's blueprint. This machine is essential for purifying seawater, making it safe for drinking. With the blueprint selected, simply click on the 'Craft' button to start the fabrication process.

Here's a breakdown of the resources needed to craft the water filtration machine:

Resource Quantity Purpose
Titanium Alloy 2 Machine casing and structure
Copper Ore 3 Energy efficiency and conductivity
Silver Ore 1 Machine upgrades and performance

Once the machine is crafted, you'll notice that it's quite energy-efficient, making it a great addition to your underwater base. You can further upgrade the machine to improve its performance and energy efficiency. Remember to explore the surrounding areas for resources and blueprints to upgrade your machine. With your water filtration machine up and running, you'll have a steady supply of clean drinking water, ensuring your survival in Subnautica.

Finding a Suitable Location

Positioning your water filtration machine in a strategic location is essential for peak performance and accessibility, as it will be a fundamental component of your underwater base's infrastructure.

You'll want to find a spot that's easy to access, yet out of the way of your main living quarters. When scouting for a location, consider the ocean floor's topography. Look for natural formations like underwater caves or ravines that can provide natural protection from ocean currents and predators.

When building your base, think about the overall layout and how the filtration machine will fit into it. You might want to create a dedicated room or module for the machine, ensuring it's easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades.

Additionally, consider the proximity to your living quarters, as you'll want to minimize the distance you need to travel to collect fresh water. By finding the perfect spot, you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of your water filtration machine while keeping your base organized and efficient.

Operating the Filtration Process

With your water filtration machine installed in a strategic location, it's time to activate the device and start purifying seawater, a process that demands vigilant monitoring and maintenance to guarantee a steady supply of fresh water. You'll need to keep an eye on the machine's energy consumption, as it'll drain your power reserves if left unchecked. Make sure you've got a reliable energy source to keep the machine running smoothly.

As the machine starts filtering, you'll notice the oxygen levels in the surrounding area begin to rise. This is a good sign, indicating that the machine is working efficiently. However, be cautious not to let oxygen levels get too high, as this can attract unwanted attention from nearby sea creatures.

Regularly check the machine's performance and perform routine maintenance tasks to make sure it continues to function optimally. A well-maintained filtration machine is essential for your survival in Subnautica.

Collecting and Storing Purified Water

Now that you've successfully operated your water filtration machine, it's time to think about collecting and storing the purified water.

You'll need to figure out how to collect the water efficiently and safely store it to avoid contamination.

Let's explore the best methods for storing purified water and how to keep it fresh for when you need it.

Purified Water Storage

You'll need to collect and store purified water in a safe and accessible location to guarantee a steady supply for your underwater adventures. After all, you don't want to be stuck in the middle of the ocean with no clean drinking water!

When it comes to storing purified water, you'll want to prioritize water quality and tank maintenance. Make sure your storage tank is clean and free of contaminants to prevent any impurities from affecting the water quality. Regularly check your tank's maintenance status to ensure it's functioning properly and not compromising the water's purity.

You can store purified water in a water tank or a portable water container, depending on your needs and preferences. Whichever option you choose, ensure it's easily accessible and protected from environmental hazards.

Water Collection Methods

Build a reliable water collection system by harnessing the power of water filtration machines, which can be deployed in various locations around the ocean floor. You can collect water from multiple sources, including ocean harvesting and rain collection.

Ocean harvesting involves placing your filtration machine near underwater geysers or thermal vents, where water is abundant and easily accessible. This method is particularly useful when you're exploring the deeper parts of the ocean.

Rain collection, on the other hand, involves setting up your filtration machine on land, where it can collect and purify rainwater. This method is ideal when you're near a coastal area or an island, where rain is more frequent.

Both methods are effective, and you can switch between them depending on your location and needs. By diversifying your water collection methods, you'll secure a steady supply of purified water, which is essential for survival in Subnautica.

Storing Water Safely

After collecting purified water from your filtration machine, it's important to store it safely to prevent contamination and maintain a steady supply. You've worked hard to collect and purify that water, so don't let it go to waste! To keep your water supply clean and organized, you'll need a reliable storage system.

For starters, grab a few Water Bottles to store your purified water. These bottles are designed specifically for holding clean water, making them perfect for your needs.

Next, find a safe and secure spot to store your bottles. Consider using Safe Racks to keep your Water Bottles off the ground and away from potential hazards.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

When your water filtration machine suddenly stops producing clean water, it's frustrating, but rest assured, we've some quick fixes for the most common issues.

Filtration failures can be a real setback in Subnautica, but don't worry, we've solutions for you.

First, check your machine's maintenance schedule. Have you been neglecting regular cleaning and filter replacements? A simple machine maintenance routine can prevent most issues. Make sure to clean the filters and replace them as needed. Also, make certain that the machine is properly installed and configured.

If that doesn't work, inspect the machine's power source. Is it receiving sufficient energy? Sometimes, a simple reboot or power cycle can resolve the issue. Additionally, check for any blockages in the water intake or outlet pipes. Clearing these blockages can get your machine up and running again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Water Filtration Machine in a Seabase?

When building your seabase, you can definitely incorporate a water filtration machine into your underwater construction, optimizing your seabase design for a thriving, self-sustaining habitat.

How Often Should I Clean the Filtration Machine?

You should clean your filtration machine regularly to maintain its filter efficiency; ideally, stick to a maintenance schedule of weekly checks and monthly deep cleans to keep your machine running smoothly.

Can I Purify Lava or Acid With the Filtration Machine?

"As you venture into Subnautica's alien ocean, you wonder if your trusty filtration machine can tame the fiery lava or corrosive acid. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not designed for lava purification or acid treatment – stick to filtering seawater!"

Will the Filtration Machine Work With Contaminated Water?

When dealing with contaminated water, you'll be relieved to know that the filtration machine can handle toxic chemicals, but its filter efficiency might take a hit, so be prepared to clean or replace it frequently.

Can I Build Multiple Water Filtration Machines?

Imagine a network of life-giving oases in the alien ocean. Yes, you can build multiple water filtration machines, diversifying your filtration strategies and amplifying water efficiency, ensuring a steady supply of fresh water in your underwater base.


As you master the art of purifying water in Subnautica, you'll be hooked on the thrill of the underwater survival adventure.

With your trusty water filtration machine, you'll be sipping on fresh H2O in no time.

Remember, a clean drink is just a filter away – and with these steps, you'll be swimming in pure bliss.

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